Bill Nighy Gives Us A Few Words On His Favourite Films…

Thank you, Bill, for being such a sweetheart and for being so damn cool.

When Bill Nighy came by the shop the other evening he was quite keen to help us with our blog, so he took pen and paper away with him to jot down a few thoughts about his favourite films over a curry. When he stopped by with it an hour or so later, here’s what it read (please note, this was unsolicited – we try to keep hassling our customers to a minimum – i.e. to the bare minimum, like sarcastic remarks about ‘taste’ etc – “Are you really going to rent that?”, that sort of thing..):

“‘Punch-Drunk Love’ crashed in at No.1 a while ago as one of my favourite films. A wonderful film with lethal performances from Adam Sandler + Emily Watson.

‘Lost in Translation’ I think, like ‘Punch-Drunk Love’ is one of the greatest films made in my life-time with marvellous performances from Bill Murray and Scarlet Johanssen. It’s a cliché, but Miss Johanssen is touched by genius.

I also consider Video City to be a great movie store and my runaway favourite. This is not P.R.”


Punch-Drunk Love (2002) – directed by Paul Thomas Anderson –  winner of Best Director at Cannes 2002.

If you’re not a fan of Adam Sandler, do not be put off. This fantastic little film is unlike any Adam Sandler film you wish you hadn’t seen. Also, co-starring the ever-great Philip Seymour Hoffman.


Lost in Translation (2003) directed by Sofia Coppola – won best Screenplay at 2004 Academy Awards.


And the man himself: