CINEMA CATCH-UP: Man of Steel and Before Midnight

297058-binoculars_superFor all those of you intending to venture into the glorious outside, that wonderous world of Beyond (beyond the computer; beyond the desk; beyond the living room, the news reports and the school runs; beyond that pile of unread books – and, yes, beyond your binoculars); for those of you preparing to pierce the threshold of the Everyday and peer, as though new-born, at the blinking, milky expanse they refer to as the ‘sky’, REMEMBER: have your sunglasses and umbrellas at hand, your parasols and wellies on person and the snow plough fully tanked, because – lets face it – you just never know.

If, on the other hand, you’re intending to venture into the glorious outside in order to step into that alternate inside known as the Wonderous World of Beyond Your Television AKA The Cinema, preparations of another sort may well be in order.


If you’re thinking of heading out to watch Zack (Watchmen/300) Snyder’s Man of Steel, then you may want to catch up on the Caped-One’s previous escapades. Most recently, in Superman Returns:


The 2006 film, directed by Bryan (Usual Suspects) Singer and starring Brandon Routh (Scott Pilgrim) as the man in the red pants and Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther, sees Superman returning to planet Earth after a long sojourn visiting the ruins of Krypton.

Of course, the films you should probably be catching up on, however, are the ones with Christopher Reeve who will forever be burned in our minds in the brightest of bright costumes (with the bluest of blue eyes):


… and still we swoon.


If, on the other hand, boys in tights just aren’t your bag and you prefer a bit of sweaty chin fuzz (how does Ethan Hawke manage to maintain that pubescent look, even now at.. 65?), then you’re probably after the existential ruminations of that ‘will-they/won’t they’ would-be couple, Jesse and Celine. The couple are nearly 20 years on from their first star-crossed meeting. Check out how it all began in Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and the sequel, made 10 years later, Before Sunset:




by Dixie Turner