New To Our Shelves:


” A BERSERK EXERCISE OF DEMENTED GENIUS.”  – Roger Ebert. Doesn’t it sound great? Ken Russell’s mad bio-pic of the rock star of his day, composer Franz Liszt, stars the rock star of his own day, Roger Daltrey, and focuses on the friendship between Liszt and fellow composer Richard Wagner.


Finally Released on DVD:

On March 19th, Ken Russell’s controversial The Devils is finally being released on DVD. If you’re worried about asking for it and, say, Salo as your evening’s double-bill of choice, rest assured we’re less likely to judge you than if you came to the counter with Friends with Benefits and From Prada to Nada… So come in and grab a copy, if you dare.

Set in 17th Century France, The Devils originally received harsh criticism and an X rating for it’s disturbing violence and strong sexual and religious content.  Based on the book The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley, and featuring sets designed by the young Derek Jarman, the film became notorious for, amongst other things, scenes such as the one in which nuns defile a statue of Christ, and was subsequently banned in Britian and several other countries. However, now we can all feast our eyes on the film the director describes as being about the “degredation of religious principles” and what one early critic described as a “grand fiesta for sadists and perverts.” Now that it’s finally available, we can all make up our own minds, however, if you’re of a particularly Catholic disposition you may want to pluck out your eyes before watching…