In-House Review: The Equalizer (2014)

image“What do you see when you look at me…?”

Well, Mr Washington, I see a man who looks bloody good for someone who is over 60! But enough about that, lets talk The Equalizer.

Set in Boston, Denzel plays Robert McCall a man with a hidden past. His life consists of sticking to a very regimented pattern, whereby he spends his days working in a home depot store and then frequenting an all night cafe drinking tea and reading classic books. He is a man of conviction, a man who seemingly wants to help those around him for no personal gain and is happy to disappear into the background of hum-drum life where no one will bother him. However all this changes after an encounter with a fellow patron of the all night cafe, Teri (whose real name is Alina played by Chloe Grace Moretz).

imageTeri/Alina is a young girl who has been forced into working as a call girl for a Russian gang and after witnessing the abuse that she is subjected to, Robert (Washington), realizes he cannot stand by and do nothing. But after years of living a lie and suppressing his old life to the shadows, can he go back to being the man whom he’d rather forget?

I know that those of you reading this will think ” Here we go… another mindless Hollywood action film” and, yes, there is a little bit of that woven into the film. But having said that, I think there is definitely enough extra to set this film apart. To me, its well shot, slick and it plays to Denzel’s strengths. To give a comparison, it sits somewhere between “Taken” with Liam Neeson and Denzel’s “Man on Fire”.

imageMy biggest word of warning, though, is I’m not sure who watched it and gave it a “15” certificate, but clearly they weren’t watching the same film I was. At moments it has very strong violence to which even Saving Private Ryan would blush.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a better than average action thriller that’s slick and easy on the eye… and the brain!



Posted by Ben.