New Series in Rental: Tyrant (Fox) and Looking (HBO)

In case the snow has you thinking of hibernation, grab a massive bag of malteasers to bury in the garden and settle down for some serious in-door time with a new favourite show:

LookingLooking, written, directed and produced by Britain’s Andrew Haigh (Weekend, 2011) revolves around the lives of a group of gay men in San Fransisco at different stages of their lives as they negotiate themselves, their friendships, relationships and careers. Cool and honest, in that kind of self-absorbed way that draws inevitable comparisons with HBO’s Girls. Well worth watching.


Tyrant-FT-779x400Set against a backdrop of revolution and tyranny, Tyrant follows an American paediatrician who, having left his father and his homeland in the middle-east some 20years before, now finds himself back where he started and entangled in everything he was trying to escape all those years ago. From the writer/director/producer of Homeland, Gideon Raff.


Debut Double: New To Our Shelves (Old Films We Should Have Had Before But Didn’t):

Accattone (1961)

The debut film of poet, journalist and political activist, Pier Paolo Pasolini, centres around the situation of a young pimp who lives a hand to mouth existence on the margins of society. When his prize prostitute is arrested, his existence begins to unravel as he is forced to confront his life. Accatone is one of the most powerful and important films of Italian cinema. It also offered a young Bernardo Bertolucci his first experience (as production assistant) in the film-making process. Cert. 15. Italian with English subs.

Trailer : (in Italian only)

Greek Pete (2009)

The feature debut of Director Andrew Haigh (Weekend) is a docu-drama that blurs the line between fact and fiction and reveals the actual life experiences of a group of young men whose stories are rarely told. The film centres on Pete who arrives in London hoping to boost his trade as an escort. Cert. 18