So, you may have gathered that we know your names and where you live. We also know the names of your children and even those of your future children and your future children’s children. How, you may ask? Well… how, indeed. But, after about a thousand years of being in business, now you too can know our names – as long as it is exclusively for the purposes of jubilant praise. Otherwise, our names are all Simon…


aka The Computer Man

From my nickname you’ll be able to tell my background is in computers in which I have a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Westminster. Although I’m not sure how I managed it as I remember spending more time here at the shop than I did at university.

My knowledge of computers is still tested on a daily basis, though mainly by our boss Simon, who seems to ask me to do more computer-related work for him then shop work. Recently this has started to include questions about his new Blackberry Smartphone! So if you have a technology related question, I’m your man!!

In my free time together with a few friends from university we run a web and software development company. I also do some freelance work helping friends develop and maintain their websites.

As for films, in the words of my lovely and kind colleagues, “if you want some Hollywood trash, a rom-com or a sports related movie, Aly is your man!” To that I say….YES I AM!!! However, I wouldn’t go so far as asking me for girlie teen movie recommendations as you’ll find out I have perfected the disappearing act.

Do Not Ask About: Classics or Foreign films. I have watched a few and am trying to watch more but as you can see from my colleagues’ profiles you’ll have more joy asking them for advice in those genres.



Yes! I finally get to talk about me for a change…!

Right, ermmm. Well my background is forensic archaeology and anthropology, of which i managed to errr…”earn” my Masters degree from University College London just under 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve been working occasionally with the police and have been working as a guest lecturer teaching in Cambridge to forensic science students, which is nice! I also work for an international company working as a search and recovery specialist on mass disaster sites recovering, well, the un-pleasantries…! So next time you see the news and something unfortunate or horrible as happened, I’m probably there so think of me! I’m currently trying to help get a project started working in Kashmir assisting with human rights investigations. So if you know anyone who can help or you’re a multi-billionaire with a few pennies to spare, please come see me!

As for films, well what i don’t know about films is not worth knowing… oh no wait, I mean what I don’t know IS worth knowing. Unlike my colleagues, I’m very uneducated with regards to films, writers, directors, actors, actresses… I think you get the idea! But if you’re REALLY stuck for someone to ask, then by all means ask me, just don’t expect anything ground breaking!

Ask about : 80’s onwards action films (Terminator, Aliens, Die Hard, Predator etc etc) French, Spanish, Brazilian, Scandinavian action / thrillers. Comedies that to most people aren’t funny “It goes up to 11”! Feel good family fun from 80’s and 90’s (Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, ORIGINAL Star Wars, Jurassic Park etc and my guilty pleasure the Three Musketeers with Charlie Sheen and co.) War films and documentaries.

Don’t ask: Horror, despite my background and what I do outside of this place I scare easily! Rom Com’s, anything with Sarah Jessica Parker, Classic films of the 40′ and 50’s. As I said, I’m badly educated!


The new guy.

Interloping South African studying his MA in Film Studies at King’s College London.

Mostly wants to be a writer (films, comics, books, whatever) but would also love to be a robot killer whale. Right now both goals seem equally far away.

In le spare time, just enjoying travelling and seeing Europe and the UK (oh and going to a LOT of football matches – this is why I need a damn job), sampling London’s best cinemas and making short films or writing short stories.

Ask about: kind of anything. There’s not much out there that, even if I haven’t seen, I couldn’t tell you a lot about. From 30s and 40s Hollywood to 21st century Thai cinema to 80s TV, I gotcha covered. Definite soft-spot among all the arty stuff for some good ol’ fashioned science fiction. Studying film gives me an excuse to watch and read about everything under the sun, and working at Video City has just fed that addiction. Way to go, VC!

Don’t ask about: the meaning of life, cell biology, anything unrelated to film. I don’t know. Unless there’s a film about it. Then I know.


Keeper of the blog.

Curly-haired, mocking/scornful one. Not as bad as she used to be.

Drawer. Printmaker.

Always demure, never abrasive. Very occasionally sarcastic. Always serious. Always. Even when not.

Ask About: Classics, Foreign (particularly French, Persian, Italian), Documentary and Westerns – especially fond of classic Persian documentary-westerns (rare).

Do Not Ask About: Anything Hollywood regards as LOL, crowd-pleasing, life-affirming or tear-jerking. Oh, and especially don’t ask me about ‘heart-warming’ films. Best not to ask me what’s best for your five year-old – I have no idea and we’ve never met. Also, I have no  opinion on which is better between ‘How Does She Do It?’ and ‘P.S. I Love You’. Otherwise, I’m all yours. Except on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.


I have been working at Video City for the last four years; in the last couple of years I was working in the city, but I recently decided that it wasn’t for me and left in order to come back to Notting Hill’s little film oasis and pursue a slightly different path. I am currently in the process of setting up a teaching English abroad charity volunteer scheme with a school in India;
Favourite film genres – foreign and documentaries. Least favourite  – Hollywood rom coms with hearts all over the box.


I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed of late, but am excited to be working with and around people with a real care for art and cinema. I graduated from the University of the Creative Arts – Farnham two years ago, with a BA (hons) in film production, and despite loving the course and having, for the first time, a real sense of satisfaction at learning a craft, it was difficult to find anyone amongst the disaffected product of British secondary education, anyone with any real interest in the above.
I spend most of my time working freelance on film sound, making music and shooting a variety of videos with a couple of small production companies. The rest of the time, I’m wondering why I’m not reading and writing, building things and making my own films more – I’m sure I will be soon.
I realised recently that all I’m looking for from films, are those moments that  leave me stunned and almost weeping. Not as a result of any romantic sentiment, nor humour, nor feigned philosophical grandeur or bad-ass car-chase. Those moments that make you realise that on your shitty little laptop screen sat at night in your flat that you are privy to the end result of real genius. Such moments include: The opening scene of Bela Tarr’s “Werckmeister Harmonies”, the scene where Harold Sets himself on fire during an arranged meeting with a young lady in Hal Ashby’s “Harold and Maude” and the scene in the room full of sand when a bird disappears mid-flight in Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Stalker”. Other than trying to find those often unattainable interests, I’m trying to work my way through every documentary film in the Video City catalogue, with the very pointed exception of William Arntz, Betsy  Chasse and Mark Vicente’s 2004 atrocity “What the #$*! Do we Know” – I wonder how far I’ll get?


Writer/director of short films. Sometime animator, sometime writer of reviews.
Will try to remember your surname. Will probably fail.
Do ask about: best of British cinema, French New Wave, 1970s American cinema, Nic Ray and Nic Roeg, Powell & Pressburger.
Don’t ask about: the latest Hollywood pap, Will Ferrell films, any ‘inspirational true story’ movie, never-ending US TV shows.
Some favourites: L’Atalante, Last Detail, The Trial, Matter of Life and Death, If….


Tom likes surprises. He is drawn to movies with a unique sense of personality, be they trashy spook show horror, over over-blown melodrama, heart obliterating romances, the most caustic of Bleak British, eye achingly Technicolored musical extravaganzas, or even “Art” cinema. Comedies made after 1979 generally remain problematic for him.

When not giving his all at Video City, Tom mostly makes drawings. Sometimes he makes films. You should totally check out his stuff. Yeah, uh, if you have a mind he’ll, like, blow it.



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  1. James

     /  July 14, 2012

    Will….Upcoming Legend in the film industry! Keep up the awesome work.


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