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Summer Schools in Student Life Skills for 16-23 year-olds
Monday to Friday 711July and Monday to Friday 2630 August 2014
9.30am to 5.30pm at The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, 17-18 Greek Street, W1D 4DR
How to: Academy is announcing two unique and unprecedented week-long summer schools for students which it is running for the first time this year.  How to is the brainchild of John Gordon, co-founder of the debating forum, Intelligence Squared and was created to offer innovative educational experiences to adults and teenagers. Each week of the two (identical) summer courses will comprise wall-to-wall lectures and workshops by industry specialists at the very top of their fields. 
Topics will include:
how to present yourself on paper, online and in person,
how to get a place at university, work experience or a job,
how to break into law, advertising, TV and a host of other careers,
how to manage money, raise money via crowdfunding or start a business,
how to eat healthily on a budget
how to manage your parents, avoid drugs and bullying and stay mindful,
how to use Social Media to further your career
how to build a mobile app and master CAD
how to manage your time
how to organise the perfect gap year
*Each day will begin and end with inspirational speakers from different backgrounds talking about their careers.
*Each week costs £500.00 (for early bird bookings) and £600.00 thereafter.
For further information and to book tickets visit:
Speakers will include:
Rachel Spedding – Managing Director at Bright Network, a company which helps bright people make the right work connections, Rachel is an expert in branding, copywriting and reputation management.
Charlie McGrath MBE – With fifteen years in the army behind him, McGrath has travelled extensively on every continent and now through Objective Travel Safety, trains professionals and individuals alike.
Edie Lush – Communication and personal development coach at Charlotte McDougall Associates.
Robin Kennedy – Co-founder of Work Experience Online (WEXO) – the Facebook for work experience, internships and jobs. At WEXO it’s no longer ‘all about who you know’.
Jasmine Birtles – Financial journalist and TV personality, Jasmine is also editor of, a leading website advising consumers on moneymaking as well as thrifty spending.
Woody Webster – Co-founder of super tutor agency, Bright Young Things Tuition.
Christa Cloutier – Curator, writer and educator, Christa Cloutier, used crowdfunding to finance her transformative workshop, The Working Artist, and describes it as “the best business move I could have made.”
Root Camp – Established to teach young adults and teenagers to cook, Root Camp makes the connection between farm, distribution and consumption and aims to create a generation of thoughtful consumers and cooks for the future.
Anastasia Baker – A former BBC journalist and intern from the age of 15, Baker is CEO of Intern Partnership, the career counselling company which pays close attention to what companies are looking for in a candidate.
Nina Grunfeld – Known for her self-improvement workshops, Life Clubs, and self-development books such as The Big Book of Me, Grunfeld recently published, How To Get What You Want which is specifically aimed at young people.
Lara Cramsie – a senior practitioner at The Art Room, a charity which uses art as therapy to increase the self-confidence and independence of young people.
Frances Wilson – A judge on the Man-Booker and Whitbread prizes, Frances is the author of four acclaimed biographies including The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth and How to Survive the Titanic.
Louise Chester – With 25 years experience as director of investment banks, Louise now heads up Mindfulness at Work, a company dedicated to helping people become happier and more effective in the workplace.
Andrea Osborne – An award-winning lifestyle management, time management and organisational expert.
Stephen Bayley – Formerly Chief Executive of the Design Museum and now world-renowned authority on culture and style, Stephen is also the author of the bestseller, Life’s a Pitch.
Steve Fenoglio – Founder of Mayflower Education Consultants, the approachable experts in US higher education opportunities.
William Hansen – Broadcaster and consultant in etiquette and royal protocol.
James Barton – Director of Studies at Mander Portman Woodward, a sixth form college which prides itself, among other things, on specialist and personalised university entrance guidance.
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