SALE!!!!!!! Grab yourself a slice of youth! Bargains (and nostalgia) abound!

As you have probably gathered by now, Video City is shuffling off this mortal coil, to reinvent itself anew as the delicious object of your fondest memory. Forget childhood summers spent languishing by a pond (probably stagnant); all those long hot, sticky days, clutching at dandelions and carrying snails and worms about the garden (prank-fodder for unsuspecting siblings). Forget the allure of passions past and loves lost.


The mind harks back to exalted times when we believed in such things as continuity and learning to know one another. A nod and a smile, a look in the eye – memories of a belief, like Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy. Could there really have been such a place?? A place to say hello and offer an opinion on whatever – a film, the weather, your memories of Christmas and summer. Some will say it was just a video shop. Others that it was a magical kingdom where people could come together, in person, and meet eye-to-eye. Yes, once such places existed, your memory will say..



Ok. So it’s just a video shop.

But, in case you, too, are feeling nostalgic already – or just want to grab a bargain whilst you can – or even, just support us in our final weeks, get yourself some childhood and treat yourself to our mighty SALE.

Loads of ex-rentals from £2 – including TV series. And loads of new sale stock still to go – MEGA SALE starts from Monday 1st of June. Everything’s on offer – including all the rental titles (excluding the very latest releases and some out of print titles).

And of course, we’re still renting.

Get us while you can.x


 posted by Dixie

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  1. Jill Clayden

     /  May 29, 2015

    Please have Roy Andersson’s You The Living ex-rental waiting for me on a golden cushion, with silver tassels…thanks, Jill xx

  2. Emilie & David

     /  June 2, 2015

    So sad to see that you are having to close due to sky high business rates. Utter travisty. Could your customers not buy you and run Video City as a co-op? We will be in this weekend to rent


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