New Releases: 6th April


“Enjoyably twisty nonsense” is thus far the best description of this one I’ve yet heard (thank you Mark Kermode (please return my calls Mark!)). Muriel is a divorced beautician and single mother who spends her days fantasizing over singer Vincent Lacroix. But one day…he knocks on her door and asks for help (gasp)! So begins a silly thriller that works by virtue of a strong lead turn by Sandrine Kilberlain and a lovely twist on the crazy-fan trope, where its not so much the fan but the object of her fandom who is the crazy one. Being a single parent has never been so whimsically thrilling.




We continue our theme of Gallic silliness. Ludivine Sagnier does her best here with a sometimes annoying and silly-in-a-very-French-way confection. She is the frustratingly whimsical and immature mother to the titular Lou (exclamation mark optional), Lou spies on her dreamy neighbour, everyone eats croissants (is that racist?). But the arrival of a bohemian interloper who woos Lou’s mother with his singular charm (what the French call a certain…’I don’t know what’) brings about a series of embarrassing incidents for your amusement.




Whether or not Electricity succeeds throughout its emotional journey, there can be no denying this is a wonderfully challenging and aesthetically bold second feature from Bryn Higgins. As an epileptic (occasionally hallucinating) girl searching for her long-lost brother, Agyness Deyn is absolutely riveting at the core of every great moment in this film.




A couple of weeks later than we initially promised. I’d like to personally apologise to the hordes of slavering Lilyhammer fans out there for the trauma we have caused. May I suggest you let the questionable acting chops and delightfully Jersey accent of a certain Mr. Steven van Zandt soothe the pain?



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