5 Days Until…

…our shopping nightmares are over and we can be truly grateful for some peace and quiet. Until the booze pours and the crackers bang.

Whether you find this time of year utterly delightful and are one of those who are disposed towards tinselling the house sometime in mid-May, or you rather can’t wait to tear the cracking smile off your face, rip down your one decoration left over from Xmas ’95 and bury your head in a rum-soaked pud and slide under the table away from the glare of the in-laws – here to help us navigate all that Christmas cheer and balance all the festive fun, are a few not-so obvious titles to keep us in the mood, without (hopefully) slipping into a mood.


Joyeux Noel (2005), starring Daniel Bruhl, Dany Boon, Gary Lewis and Diane Kruger. Directed by Christian Carion

The true story of the Christmas truce in mid-trench hell in 1914, between Scottish, German and French troops who decided to welcome Christmas in together with a cheering game of football.

When dealing with warring family-members, a good one to remember, perhaps..



Meet John Doe (1941), starring a BEAUTIFUL Gary Cooper, a fast-talking Barbara Stanwyck and the inimitable Walter Brennan. Directed by Frank Capra.

An ex ball-player turned hobo is picked up by a newspaper woman to pose as the author of heartfelt and politically incendiary articles published by her paper which, in fact, she has been writing herself. The make-believe author, John Doe, pledges to kill himself by leaping from a building on Christmas Eve in protest over the corrupt politicians and the conditions of the working classes. Classic Capra stuff – tear-jerking romance with a big message.

Gobble it up with your turkey!



A couple of nice foreign posters – and always interesting (and amusing) to see how film titles are translated in other languages.. And in this case, to see who Joe Bloggs is abroad – i.e.Juan Nadie in Spain. Good to know!



Gremlins (1984), starring Zachary Galligan, Phoebe Cates and Corey Feldman and directed by Joe Dante.

You know that present – the one that looks hastily-wrapped? The one that has all the holes punched in it? That last one that’s sitting and rattling under the tree? Well, it’s not a puppy..

Fancy a pet? Be careful what you wish for.





Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010) a directed by Jalmari Helander.

Finnish horror-fantasy-Christmas tale that’ll make you truly sorry for your misdeeds this year. Block your chimneys, boys and girls – Santa’s coming for you.

P.S. Don’t bother leaving out milk and cookies…


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