New Releases: 22nd September




Iceland’s official submission for the 2014 Academy Awards was billed as a “darkly comic country romance”, a description I may have to take issue with.

Shot in the spectacular Icelandic countryside, in a remote valley community, we are taken on a journey of love, death and sex, not through the eyes of the small valley community, but, somewhat strangely, from the perspective of their horses.

Perhaps it is a result of my not riding in my youth, but I have found the praise heaped upon this film slightly bemusing – yes, it’s beautifully shot, and it is certainly unlike anything you will have seen before, and, probably, unlike anything you’re likely to see in the future.

Clearly the horse plays an integral part in the lives of these islanders, but as a word of caution for those easily traumatised, the notice that no horses were hurt in the making of the film should probably have come at the start and not at the end!

Prepare yourself for an equestrian… well, merry-go-round, rather than rollercoaster!



uiraqi_1402666296683Judging by the trailer alone, this looks at best like a pretty average courtroom drama, at worst like a made-for-TV waste of time. It was not, however, made-for-TV, and looks can be deceiving – and so can trailers. So, with a cast that makes it interesting enough to work your way from the front of the DVD case round to the back, chuck it on and give it a whirl.



hannibal-promo1When therapy goes wrong.

Settle down to another session with Dr. Lecter. Make sure to bring your suit of armor.

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