On my birthday, I want to be alone…

Happy Birthday, Greta Garbo!

Film and Television“Upside-downy”: The Face that launched so many others.

On the day of her birth, watch her utter her first speaking words in Anna Christie (1930) (“gimme a whiskey… and don’t be stingy, baby!”), which created mini-hysteria with the phrase ‘Garbo Talks!’ flying about in a media-frenzy:

Greta’s most famous words, however, come from Grand Hotel (1932) – dir. Edmund Goulding (Dark Victory, Razor’s Edge):


Bellow is a letter the great Aloof One wrote to her friend Grace Kelly, AKA Princess Grace of Monaco, explaining, in the nicest possible way, that she’d really rather not right now, thanks all the same:






I know who I’d rather be.


Watch out for the up-coming and worrying Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman.

(Source of letter: notorious-mag.com)

posted by Dixie Turner

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