SIMON SAYS: look out for MISS VIOLENCE (2013)


Miss Violence (2013) – dir. Alexandros Avranas.

Continuing my voyage of movies on the bleak side of life, comes this excellent, but deeply disturbing, Greek drama.

The film, opens with a young girl’s 11th birthday party in her family’s flat, when, without explanation, she leaps from the balcony to her death. This turns out to be one of the less harrowing moments of the ensuing events…

miss violence 2

Unclear from the start is not only what prompted this action but also the dynamics between different family members living in this small flat. As the drama unfolds, little by little, the viewer becomes aware of a situation that is so upsetting one wants to believe that it cannot be happening, yet, with a chilling skill at deception the main protagonists are continually able to mask their depravity from the relevant authorities.

The performances are staggering and, as difficult as this film is to watch, I think the film has to be seen, particularly with relevance to one of the major domestic news stories of this week…


Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 21.47.34


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