This week, SIMON SAYS: The Past (2013)


How can a director come up with a film, having already made the outstanding A Separation (2011), that doesn’t disappoint? Well, Asghar Farhadi manages to do it with consummate ease!

The Past is a richly engrossing family drama that sees the central character, Ahmad, return from Tehran to Paris to finalise his divorce from his estranged French wife, Marie.


From the opening scene of his arrival at the airport, Marie watches him through the glass barrier and the viewer is already intrigued at what history lies between them.

Sensing an issue between Marie and her daughter, Ahmad tries to ease the conflict between them, but this only causes jealousy and resentment from her new partner, Samir.


As with his earlier films, Farhadi’s brilliance is his close observation of human frailty and emotion whilst pulling the viewer’s sympathies in different directions. A film not to be missed, and, yes, I am already looking forward to his next one!

Farhadi talks to The Hollywood Reporter about The Past, filming in France and censorship in Iran.


Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 21.47.34


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