New Releases: 11th August


tumblr_mznh7gKXXN1qh2854o1_500Teen sci-fi set in a dystopian Chicago of the future. Did hot business at the box office whilst the critics stayed cool. Rotten Tomatoes spills the beans: “With an adherence to YA [Young Adult] formula that undercuts its individualistic message, Divergent opens its planned trilogy in disappointingly predictable fashion.” But, well, whatever, you know? We’re always being asked for films where you don’t have to think – and for the record we usually consider that a legitimate question – and, well folks, looks like everything’s on the level in this one! Not a shred of subtext or duplicity out to get to you. I’d put my brain in the bin and my chips in some dips and give this one a go. Are you with me?



the-raid-2Have heard nothing but very fine things about this film and it’s 2011 predecessor (The Raid, duh). Probably the best martial arts films to have been made by a Taffy.



Starred Up MovieStarred Up is an acclaimed British prison drama. Allan Clarke’s ScumA Clockwork Orange, Bresson’s A Man Escaped, and Escape from Alcatraz have been bandied about as reference points. Should hit hard, like a pool ball in a sock swung at your head.



Under-the-Rainbow-ENG-POSTER“A modern-day fairy-tale wrapped in a cloak of sly one-liners and deadpan existentialism”, according to Jordan Mintzer of The Hollywood Reporter. From Agnès Jaoui, director of The Taste of OthersLook at Me, and Let’s Talk About the Rain.



The_Unknown_Known_poster_articleErrol Morris takes on  former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Morris’ films are always interesting, but judging by the trailer below this one looks realll peculiar. You’d hope that Morris’ careful savvinesss would pin this scumbag down some, but man can Rumsfeld wriggle, wriggle like an eel. Keen to watch.


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