Marina Abramovic is Present: Catch up on the long-suffering lady…


In case you’ve been vacationing on the moon of late, you will have noticed a certain buzz about London’s Serpentine Gallery. Whilst it’s true that these summer months often bring about ice-cream clad tourists queueing for the seemingly one and only loo in the whole of Hyde Park, this summer the queue outside the Serpentine Gallery actually appears to be art-related. Marina Abramovic, performance artist and international superstar, known for her long-durational performances, is in residence until the 25th August performing her new piece, entitled ‘512’. If you hop along, you may not only get to set your eyes upon her, but she may even take you by the hand and shuffle you into a corner to face the wall like the naughty girl/boy you are.

In preparation, sit in front of this DVD for several hours (steadily increase the length of your sitting, day by day, until finally you are able to open the box, load the disc and press play. This may take up to 512 hours in itself and is, no doubt,  in fact an exercise Marina recommends her own students…):


If, on the other hand, you are not planning a pilgrimage to visit ‘Marina Teresa’ in the park (perhaps you’ve seen the faithful masses, cassocks and all, making the arduous journey passed Kensington Palace, stopping, not for photos, but to beg for alms to help them reach their glorious destination, the demonically named Serpentine Gallery), then take the pilgrimage to your local video shop instead, stick a pizza in the oven and get stuck in to a bit of high-brow sitting.

It is actually very good. (And, no doubt, also very good for your soul.)




posted by Dixie Turner

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