Online Community Noticeboard Launched NOW

In case your beady eyes (beady from your fanatical film-watching) haven’t picked it up, we now have a Community Noticeboard page, located at the top there with all our other most important information (staff info, DVD catalogue.. staff info, all about me, etc etc). Here we will be adding YOUR STUFF (if you have any) – i.e. your business endeavors, events, services (within reason) and all. We will not be specifically endorsing these things – it’s just an equivalent to a pinboard. If you cast your mind back to the pre-twitter days you’ll remember a pinboard looked like this:

Beech framed wooden felt pin board notice board REVISED

…well, apparently, not any more. So there you go. For info on how to get your ‘stuff’ up there, check out the Noticeboard!


For you film freaks, follow Video City on Tumblr


posted by Dixie Turner


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