Get On/Go Out/Get Off/Get Down: Film-related News and Events


LuckyThere’s still time to catch this festival – ending this Sunday – which celebrates and champions the work of female directors from around the world. Ones to watch out for include Night Moves (loving the wonderfully enigmatic trailer), the new feature by Kelly Reichardt, director of the excellent Wendy and Lucy (2008) and Meek’s Cutoff (2010) which is showing on Friday night. Also, there’s a chance to catch a rare screening of Claudia Weill’s  Girlfriends (1978) which is being shown on Sunday. Now considered something of a classic of late 70s independent US cinema, the film was originally championed by Stanley Kubrick but later fell into semi-obscurity. Fortunately, the film has been picked back up by a new generation of film-makers in recent years. Lena Dunham has cited it as an inspiration and its influence on her series Girls is clear; there are also clear parallels with Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig’s Frances Ha (2012), so fans of these should nip down there and guzzle up the good stuff. The documentary, Lucky (pictured above), by former journalist, Laura Checkoway, about a spirited single mother living on the streets of New York also looks like one to catch. The festival screening has sadly passed, but there’s still a chance to catch it at the Lexi Cinema in Kensal Green on Tuesday the 15th April.



I3PLzYlbAn independent, Newcastle-based production directed by Garry Sykes, centering around a gang of teenaged girls and featuring production design by our very own Tom Moore, is screening as part of the London Independent Film Festival this Sunday – check the LIFF website for details and head down there (TONIGHT WE ARE GOOD WE ARE FINE)! The festival runs from 10th-21st April.



The queer film and arts festival is back this weekend with its Spring Fling: a collection of screenings, talks and parties dotted around Hackney.


markerresnaislesstatuesmeurentaussiMarking the 25th anniversary of the controversial exhibition in Paris, Magiciens de la Terre, which exhibited works of over 100 artists, many of whom were described as non-western, Tate Modern has put together a tasty-looking collection of screenings which “offers reflection on the cinematic history and legacy of colonialism, on developments within ethnographic film and on emerging discourses of globalisation. The diverse programme includes works by David Byrne, Maya Deren, Len Lye, Chris Marker, Claes Oldenburg, Alain Resnais, Jean Rouch and Dziga Vertov, together with significant contributions by filmmakers who are less well-known in the UK. The films are contextualised through discussion with original contributors to Magiciens and contemporary respondents.” – Tate Modern website


la-jetee-orlyA fine chance to get a comprehensive look at one of the 20th Century’s great filmmaker-photographer-writer-artists. Come in and grab Sans Soleil/La Jetee in preparation for the exhibition which runs from 16th April-22nd June.


MICKEY ROONEY (1920-2014)



Obit Mickey Rooney.JPEG-03dc4

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