New Releases: 7th April


MV5BMzU0NDY0NDEzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTIxNDU1MDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_It’s The Hobbit. Part two, of three. Peter Jackson made it. Apparently a better film, and an altogether more genial affair, than it’s predecessor An Unexpected Journey. You know whether or not you want to see this.



svengali-posterThis is Jonathan Romney’s Observer review: “In this lo-fi music-biz comedy, which began life as an online series, scriptwriter Jonny Owen plays a naive music fan who dreams of being a rock manager. With sparky prestige support (Martin Freeman, Maxine Peake, Matt Berry) and cameos from Alan McGee and Carl Barât, Svengali ought to be sharper, but this good-natured, clunky labour of love feels about as fresh as a 2002 copy of the NME. It’s curiously timeless, though, and with its Soho locations, could almost have been made in the British pop boom of the late 50s – like Expresso Bongo for Libertines nostalgists.” For an ostensibly bad write-up – it gets one out of five stars – it kind of makes me want to see the film. ‘Good-natured’ and ‘clunky’ are the kind of descriptors that befit what’s an essentially good-natured and clunky thing: modish indie Brit-rock/rot. A kind of music that shouldn’t be taken seriously, unless you’re in Camden (where all trends go to die), but really really is by the likes of Svengali‘s protagonist. And that’s fine, and good, because sincerity, much like good-naturedness and clunkiness, is sorely undervalued in contemporary cinema/the world. I mean it might genuinely be one star awful, but there’s some funny bits in the trailer, kicks to be had in seeing how London’s used, and how many new releases get compared to the fabulous Expresso Bongo?



summit_xlgYet another documentary about Mountain(eering). Won something at Sundance. At the risk of repeating myself, you know whether or not you want to see this.



Borderlands_Poster_LR-700x1033This is the kind of useless poster that would stop me from even considering watching what actually seems like a decent little film. Found-footage horror meets Peep Show say the papers. A dour Vatican investigator (Gordon Kennedy) and his hired tech assistant (Robin Bean, star of Down Terrace and frequent Ben Wheatley collaborator) probe into alleged supernatural events at a reconsecrated medieval Catholic church in the West Country. Scary, comic and smart, say the papers.



oldboy_ver2_xlgSpike Lee says and does stupid stuff. Back in the day he occasionally made complex, angry and stylish films which belied the rubbish he’d say about them (Do the Right ThingBamboozled, etc.)  None of the above and devoid of even the attendant rubbish, this is a seemingly humourless and by all accounts ineffectual remake of Park Chan-Wook’s Old Boy. Why bother? Chin up though because the next Spike Lee joint is called Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, and that’s a title. There may still be hope for Spike Lee.


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