Sébastien Lifshitz’s Les Invisibles (2012) is a documentary about gay men and women born in France between the two world wars. It’s elegant and important. It’s beautifully paced, coolly proud and it’s exciting.

Bande annonce

“We do not reproduce. Thus we do not perpetuate the bourgeoisie. With us, legacy is screwed. It’s over. What really angers the hetero-pigs, is that they made us. And they keep on making us. Making children. We reject this value system. We reject the family as the foundation of society. Thus, we reject society. Consequently, the only possible political position is one of revolution.”

Les Invisibles is suitable, nay advocated for all ages. Find it on our staff recommends shelf. Lifshitz has since made Bambi which hopefully will appear on our shores and in-store, soon.

posted by William Goodey

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