The Eyes Have It: Roger Deakins

Roger Deakins is perhaps the greatest cameraman alive.

His visuals for Sid & Nancy beautifully capture the necessary grit of the punk scene while revealing a magical realism that adds to the doomed romance. He started out shooting documentaries where he learnt how to use minimal lighting and adapt to filming on location.
With Barton Fink he started his productive partnership with the Coen Brothers. His input seems to have added heart and realism into their stylised world with the sparse simplicity of his work on the snowbound Fargo particularly impressive.

He also shot 1984, Dead Man Walking and Kundun and has been nominated for an Oscar ten times without ever winning.
Deakins knows how to create images that are utterly true but never run of the mill. This is the world in your head, the seen and the felt, perfectly combined.

Sid & Nancy:


Assassination of Jesse James:

Roger Deakins - The Assassination Of Jesse James

True Grit:


A Serious Man:


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