Screen tests for Rebel Without a Cause

Way before anyone had even heard of James Dean, Warner were toying around with the idea of making a film with the title Rebel Without a Cause. However, despite taking numerous shots at writing it out – and despite this 1947 Marlon Brando screen test – they never managed to come up with a satisfactory script – until Nicholas Ray took on the project in the mid 50s.

Here is a screen test from the Ray production in 1955 showing the chemistry between the principal actors (Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo) as they fool around in one of the scenes:

Meanwhile, Corey Allen who played Jim Stark’s rival, Buzz, seems reluctant to get out of his surly character in what is presumably a wardrobe test. Whilst Dean goofs about which each of the actors, Corey looks about as amused as the Queen at Christmas:



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posted by Dixie Turner

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