Halloween films for children, little or big (Pt.1)

By Lally Pollen

monster-houseMonster House (2006) PG
Animated horror-comedy about three teens exploring the haunted house across the street, only to discover the house itself is a living, breathing monster.


l_121164_4116ace5Corpse Bride (2005) PG
Stop-motion animation from director Tim Burton, featuring voices of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Michael Gough. A young groom inadvertently marries a dead woman whist practicing his wedding vows.  Despite
the sinister tone of the plot and title, Corpse Bride blends musical numbers, comedy and charm with a gothic aesthetic.


the-nightmare-before-christmas-movie-poster-3607Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) PG
Based on a poem by Tim Burton, this stop-motion musical follows Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween, on his quest to understand the nature of Christmas. Music composed by, and featuring the voice of, Danny Elfman.



addams_family_values_ver1Addams Family (1991)  PG + Addams Family Values (1993) PG
The first directorial feature from Barry Sonnenfeld (Get Shorty, Men in Black), The Addams Family is based on the characters created by Charles Addams and stars Raul Julia and Angelica Huston. Charming gothic family comedies.


600full-the-witches-posterThe Witches (1990) PG
Based on the book by Roald Dahl, The Witches is part adventure, part fantasy horror, about a little boy who after stumbling upon a witch convention and being turned in a mouse, must try to stop their sinister plans. Angelica Huston plays the head witch, who may be a little scary for very young children.


Young-Frankenstein-PosterYoung Frankenstein (1974) PG
A Mel Brooks comedy starring Gene Wilder about the grandson of the famous scientist inheriting the castle and continuing Dr Frankenstein’s experiments, after years of trying to live down the family reputation. A few of the jokes and innuendos may well go over the heads of the very young.


hocus-pocus-movie-poster-1619Hocus Pocus (1993) PG
Goofy and flamboyant Disney comedy celebrating all things Halloween.  This comedy-adventure stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and a very young Thora Birch. Three sister witches are resurrected 300 years after their initial demise in Salem, Massachusetts. It is up to two teenagers, a little girl and an immortal cat to stop them once and for all!




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