Recent Additions (Films We Should Have Had Before But Didn’t):

A70-204ADDAM’S FAMILY (1991)

Unless you missed our (various) announcements on the matter, The Addams Family has finally been released on DVD (the sequel, Addam’s Family Values, having been already released years ago). We can all now enjoy fighting over who gets to have the Hallowe’en of their dreams by watching an Addam’s double bill… Book early to avoid (beautifully bitter) disappointment. Starring Anjelica Houston, the late Roul Julia, the wonderful Christopher Lloyd and the wee Christina Ricci.



Ol’ blue eyes (Frank Sinatra), unable to stick to crooning and rubbing shoulders with hoodlums and wise guys, insisted on making movies so that his fragile ego wouldn’t crack. This one is a World War II American-hero pic where he leads a bunch of mostly British prisoners of war to freedom from their German captors. Entertaining Sunday-afternoon fare, and good for kids eager a bit of war/action, but not yet old enough to enjoy the news…


brother_sun_sister_moon_xlgBROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON (1972)

Franco Zeffirelli’s first film after the immense success of his Romeo and Juliet was this tale of the early life (and love) of St. Francis of Assisi.



At just over 6 and a half hours, this 4 part TV mini series promises the die-hard Monte Cristo fan something closer to the epic novel than the myriad other versions on offer. In French with English subs, starring Gerard Depardieu and Jean Rochefort.

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