2 for 1… Pumping Iron and Mouchette?


arnold-schwarzenegger-posingPUMPING IRON (1977)

Watch the former Governator as he prepares to defend his title for Mr. Olympia 1975 in this classic body-building docu-drama, unavailable on DVD until now. Sweat, blood, tears, weed and a whole lot of mental determination and game-playing go on as Arnie (looking like a pink Incredible Hulk) shows why he is ‘numero uno’.


MOUCHETTE (1967) directed by Robert Bresson.

Far away from the world of oil-slicked biceps, Mouchette is the story of a young girl growing up in rural France caught between an abusive father and a dying mother. Running off into the woods she encounters a poacher who believes his has killed a local policeman and who attempts to use Mouchette as an alibi. Shot with deliberate simplicity and comprising a cast made largely of non-professionals adding to the film’s naked, gritty feel, Mouchette is a tough but moving film, honoured with many awards and well worth watching.

Trivia – apparently the trailer was made by Jean-Luc Goddard….


by Dixie Turner

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  1. junesummerill@gmail.com

     /  September 11, 2013

    Hi Video City,

    It’s Jon and June Summerill …… You have not seen us for ages, because we spent 6 months away from our home in Nottinghill. We will be back beginning of October, and will be catching up on all the films which we have missed.

    Don’t want you to think that we have forgotten you. Kind Regards to Simon and the gang.


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