New Releases: 18th February



The latest Bond offering, this time directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty). Bond must hunt down a killer who has received access to the names of MI6’s undercover agents. With action sequences that trump Jason Bourne, a worthy villain played by Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men), and decent characterisations that counterpoint the gun battles and dizzying chases, this is one of the more balanced Bond films – worthy of a night in with your cocktail shaker. Cert. 12




Ryan Gosling plays the heir-apparent to a real estate empire in this crime drama based on a true story. David Marks (Gosling) marries a beautiful girl (Kirsten Dunst) who increasingly struggles to come to terms with her husbands mood swings. Eventually she goes missing and in the aftermath dark family secrets spill out. ‘The perfect love story. Until it became the perfect crime’ – something a bit 90s about this one.. Cert.15




The wonderful David Attenborough presents another stunning series. See the world with fresh eyes; fall in love with it over and over.




Sci-fi psychological drama set in space – an astronaut loses contact with the earth and struggles with loneliness and isolation and ultimately tries to keep a hold on his sanity. Cert. 15


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