Current Top Ten Rentals:

These are the current most popular rentals – not necessarily the best. Just saying.



The Artist.

Everything you’ve ever wanted from film, life, the world, and more.


The Descendants.

Everything you’ve ever wanted from George Clooney, and more.


War Horse.

Everything that a mechanical horse can’t do (think about it), and more.


The Grey.

Every pre-flight nightmare you’ve ever had, rolled into one, and more.


Tiny Furniture.

Every ‘I’ve just graduated and have no job, no life, no love and odd friends so I’m just going to lie here for a bit and ooze slowly into a puddle of over-qualified goo’ fantasy you’ve ever had, and more.


Martha Macy May Marlene.

Every reason you should stay away from those people who keep inviting you to live on their farm who say they’re into love, nature and free-living, but at night sit around a car on fire, cackling, drinking gasoline mixed with aftershave, and playing the banjo better than that guy in Deliverance – and more.



Every reason Kenneth Branagh should move over, and more.



Every reason Ricardo Darin is the only Argentine actor in the world, and more.



Every reason teenagers should be kept under lock and key in a safe house made of kryptonite, and more.


Iron Lady.

Every reason young people can’t afford housing and are considering moving to Berlin instead, and so much more.

posted by Dixie Turner

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