New Releases: 6/2/12

TYRANNOSAUR: Paddy (Dead Man’s Shoes) Considine’s hard-hitting directorial debut, stars Peter Mullan (Boy A, Children of Men) as Joseph whose issues with rage are threatening to over-power him and pull his life apart. Is there hope for redemption in friendship? Eddie Marsan (Junkhearts) co-stars. Cert. 18.



MIDNIGHT IN PARIS: So, Woody Allen is still making films…  Although, apparently he’s back on form with this blood-soaked action-thriller. Actually, it’s a comedy. But, this time it’s set in Europe. Europe seems to be working for Woody, after Vicky Cristina in Spain and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger in London, now his troubled/introspective/insecure main character (isn’t it always just Woody Allen?) is attempting to work it all out in France. Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers) plays a troubled writer searching for inspiration in the city of love…  Directed by, himself, Woody Allen (Manhattan, Annie Hall). Cert. 12



IN TREATMENT SEASON 3: Gabriel Byrne stars as shrink-extraordinaire-with-problems-of-his-own, Dr. Paul Weston. Each episode of the show revolves around a session with a patient, giving the show a stage-like intimacy which draws the viewer into the dreams, nightmares and insecurities of a whole load of strangers. Better than reading someone’s diary, because there’s NO GUILT…. I don’t care what Freud might say. Cert. 15



BORGEN SEASON 1: Much anticipated Danish political drama. Less blood, fewer jumpers, and more suits and ties than The Killing. Cert. 15 Danish with English subtitles.


ONE DAY: Based on a book about love. Everyday for a thousand years, two would-be love birds meet up to see what’s up this time. Starring Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married) and Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe). Cert. 12



BRAQUO SEASON 1:  Just when we were beginning to think we were American, Europe rescues us with TV. The number of  top-quality subtitled TV series at the moment serves to remind us that, yes, there is life after Friends. Now pass me my skinny mocha-frappe-latte.  Crime series about a group of police officers struggling to deal with the consequences that follow the suicide of a colleague. French with English subs. Cert. 15








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